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Everything is connected. Use it wisely.


For those who prepare crew interviews

Based on Koreans’ standard,I am not superior to others. I am not smart, pretty, and even rich. But I’ve had many opportunities to get a good job in my 20s and I believe the fortune mainly comes from people around me. I have many people who help and support me and without them, I couldn’t pass this crew interviews. So my thanks go to my family, friends and HOSKO members. In this essay, I’d like to talk about what is really important to become cruise ship’s crew and the sources mainly originate from my colleagues who become a member of Princess Cruises.

1.  Use your connections

Try to find someone who is in the field of cruise ships or airplanes and gather information as much as you can. Ask specifically what kinds of qualifications crew members are needed. If you don’t have connections, use your recruiting agency. They are on your side so you can easily gather useful information. Write every qualification on your notebook and try to follow the skills. Think and behave that you are already a crew member. 

2.  Have confidence

Having confidence isan effective way to hide your weakness and highlightyour strengths. It is true that some people do not have enough qualifications for the crew interview.Even so, just have confidence and trust yourself that you can pass the test. Then your eyes will sparkle and your voices will be rich and full. The interviewer would think that you have a strong potential based on your confident attitude and give you good results even though they doubt that you have enough ability for the job.

3. Be a person with anopen mind

What is an open mind? For me, an open mind is an attitude that I try to understand various cultures and people without prejudice. Having an open and global mind is one of the necessary qualifications for crew members because we have to work with people from different countries. For this matter, I try to read all kinds of books, meet many people and travel many places. Listening carefully what people are trying to say and understanding people’s different stances are a good start to have thoughtful and sincere mind.

4. Improve your English skills

English is a formal language onboard so it is necessary that you have a fluent English skill. If you are not familiar to speaking English, it is better to speak slowly and exactly. Choose easy words that everyone knows. Make simple sentences. Sometimes simple sentences have more powerful messages than long and complicated ones. What should you remember is English is one of the many languages for communications. So you don’t need to show off your English. The main purpose of it is conversations and communications.

5. Challenge again

How old is your “passion age”? Passion age is the age based on your challenging activities. Even though I am in my 30s, I try to live witha passion age of 20-year-old. It is okay to fail your job because you can learn something even from your unsuccessful experiences. And this attitude is better than just sitting and waiting. Even though you are failing something, there are next times. Maybe the next time is the right moment for you. Who knows? So challenge everything like you are still 20-year-old.


Written by Eunmee Song

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